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Data Curation

Status: In pilot

What Is It?

Data Curation is "[t]he activity of promoting the use of data from its point of creation, to ensure it is fit for contemporary purpose, and available for discovery and reuse. For dynamic data sets this may mean continuous enrichment or updating to keep it fit for this purpose. Higher levels of curation will also involve maintaining links with annotation an other published materials."

—From Data Deluge to Data Curation by Philip Lord, Alison Macdonald, Liz Lyon, and David Giaretta

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, RCI Data Curation is in pilot and working on a business model that will include cost to the user. Data curation is expected to be offered as a service during FY2013/14.

How Do I Get It?

Send email to rci-info@ucsd.edu for more information.

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